TURIN, June 21, 2012 – The first time Antonio Conte called, at the time of Bari, Sebastian Giovinco was still Primavera. The coach has revealed himself to summarize the estimated ancient and unconditional, adding that he had also tried to take him to Siena, and, last year, if there hadn’t been an agreement with Parma,  to Juve. In all three circumstances, the module was 4-2-4: one designed to Arezzo, at the dawn of his career on the bench, and never would have imagined set aside. Ideal for Giovinco, technical and fast striker, able to skip the man, cut into the box, look for mates or frame the goal. 

TALIBAN – In the last, happy season, Conte has had the intelligence to change, however: the road of the shield hath been articulated through the 4-3-3 and 3-5-2, to the face of who called the technician be a Taliban of tactics. No problem: Giovinco is perfect though, and in both versions can be invaluable. In the trident, can adapt to the right – has already happened and got away with it very well – aligned with Robin Van Persie, or whomever, and Mirko Vucinic, while in midfield with a five may support the striker as an alternative to Montenegrin. 

SHOT – They are the most simple and natural solutions, sustained by the return in the Champions League which will force the turnover ensuring space to all the strikers, but has not ruled out even cohabitation with Vucinic or as winger use in a 4-4-2 occasional especially since the invention is not unrelated to the preparation for sacrifice. Of course, the other half of eclecticism is a shot complex tactic, but Conte, after all, often says that the numbers are relative and that makes the difference is mentality, intensity and quality: characteristics that accompany Giovinco always. 

MAGIC – It’s not all. Seba will also prove invaluable when will start from the bench. It’s up to him – no one to Juve is sure of his place, only the promise to be important in the group – and then, sometimes entering in the game in progress, will fill one of the thousands of voids left by Alessandro Del Piero: the ability to change the game with a creative touch, a flash of class, magic. Some claim can inherit even the ten, but it’s still early and it is another story. 

THREAD Giovinco is immersed in the European, but can not wait, inevitably, to resume the broken thread two years ago. In too many, even inside the Juve, claimed was half the champion, mocking with little originality on the height, but he has shown, far from Turin, that he deserves “his” team: last season he racked up 15 goals and just as many assists , hath been rooted in blue, has multiplied an assessment that swells the regrets of corso Ferraris. It took in fact 11 million to buy back half of a football player blossomed in youth, 7.3 clean whereas the Parma had spent 3.7 between expensive loan and sharing. More responsibility for a guy who wants to catch up and does not mind too much to the position in field: would play well in goal, because the black and white jersey is a tattoo. It is not just a memory framed in the home of Beinasco. 

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Antonio Barillà)
adapted by: Mike Prise