TURIN – Maybe not all roads lead Juventus market to the Emirates , but the fact that the Arsenal stadium is invoked frequently in the bianconere chronicles. In March, Fabio Paratici was right in the stands of the stadium in London to assist the friendly between Brazil and Scotland. At the time it was thought that his mission was justified by the desire to see Neymar live, after it became clear that the goal of black and white was actually Leandro Damiao. After eight months, Paratici returned last night to attend the stadium of Arsenal as a very interested spectator of the challenge of Champions League match between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund. On the object of Juventus attention this time there is no doubt that Juve is on the trail of Mats Hummels

 THE MERITS – The central defender of Borussia Dortmund, has now been widely said, appears at the top of the Juventus list drawn up by for a variety of valid reasons that we try to list. First, the German has only 22 years, which would give the breath of the investment in an operation certainly very expensive. As for the technical aspects, Hummels provides a remarkable quality for a central defender (in fact, is sometimes used in midfield) and, in spite of age, has shown to be able to assume the responsibility of leading the entire defensive department. All things amply underlined by Juventus observers who followed him in the last two seasons.

adapted by: Mike Prise