IF I would Play more against M***A, then I would have a better Scoring Line

Torino, February 14, 2012 – Maybe are the biorhythms. Or maybe the climate. Or perhaps it simply that Mirko Vucinic looks like this: talented, a bit dreamy, sometimes very bad, certainly elegant, decisive when he wants. And he usually takes in the second half of the season. He tells his story: Mirko starts slow, but then speeds up and he never stops. Of his 78 goals in Serie A scored 22 before New Year’s Eve and 56 (72%) from January onwards. If you squeeze the research the goals made ​​from February onwards you should remove the 9 goals in January, however, to find a very interesting data: 45 goals in the decisive moment of the season. 

At quota three. In 2009-10, the year the Rome touched the scudetto and for a few minutes of the last round was virtually the champions before the deciding goal of Milito in Siena, Vucinic realized 11 goals from 14, January onwards. Now Antonio Conte hopes that Montenegrino does something like similar: it could be the turning point in the Juve’s sprint to Scudetto. In fact so far Mirko scored just : three goals, all decisive, yielding two draws (at home with Bologna and Cagliari) and a win (at San Siro against M***A). He’s been invaluable with some assists and regularly attending the offensive actions of Juve, but it is clear that from him is expected more. There are entire games in which Mirko runs, slams, dialogues, triangular, passing, dribbling, inspires. But does not shot. And an attacker must shot

The work of Eto’o. If he does less than he should, the fault is probably partly due to his tactical tasks. Fault so to speak, because at a closer look might be a merit. Since coming to JuveVucinic put aside all selfishness and followed the directions to the letter of Conte. Who asks him to do for him what Eto’o did for Mourinho, of course, with his characteristics. Mourinho in 2009-10 won from Eto’o a dual work left, cover and counters, recoveries and descents. Of course Eto’o scored much less than Milito (22 to 12 in the league, 30 to 16 in total, again for the Argentine), but he was equally important. Even indispensable from the tactical standpoint. In summer, Conte had strongly backed Vucinic because according to Juventus coach, Mirko is one of the strongest strikers in the world. Mirko has heard of Conte’s confidence and has trained with absolute dedication proving he deserve the consideration of the coach and can really play the dual role. Vucinic is so important that without him Conte changes module from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2. But now serve the goals. Because are the goals that decide the championship. 

source: GdS; by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise