TURIN, July 25, 2012 – Van Persie is the only name that brings all in agreement: on the Dutch converge the opinions of Marotta and Conte, but the relationship between RVP and Wenger is a annoying deterrent to continue the negotiations (the French manager has set its price at 20 million). In the last days for the Dutch United surprisingly took the lead. His high pretensions of engagement also are making Juventus reflect, whereas for the British bookmakers Juventus became the favorite. 

The situation of Jovetic is different in substance, but not in shape. The player, in dead silence now for three months has developed the idea of leaving Fiorentina and further divestments of company of the Della Valle have removed the last doubts. In the viola withdrawal the situation became increasingly unbearable: Jo-Jo now binds only with the Serb enclave, Ljajic, Nastasic and Seferovic, showing more and more a body detached in the nascent group under the command of Montella. In the next few hours the fate of Montenegrin will be more clear: in Trentino is about to plunge the patron Andrea Della Valle. On Jovetic is Conte to lobby: he considers a offensive jolly able to juggle both a second striker or behind a center forward, just as he does in its national team with the department partner Vucinic. Marotta is not crazy about the viola talent  and in fact is hard to raise the offer and to reach out clause of 30 million, a high figure indeed. 

 source: La Stampa (by Cristiano Puccetti)

P.S Until this Saga will be over you will have a Daily Update article on this two boys

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS