TURIN, June 10, 2012 – They spoke about Juventus. Explained to him the project and, especially, has made ​​it very clear the ambitions. has told him the heat of the new stadium, the rediscovered and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the fans, indeed the fourteen millions of fans, just to be precise. Explained to him attractive prospects on a personal level, perhaps more attractive than those that come from the City. 
They chatted for a long time Pavel Nedved and Robin Van Persie. And in the end the Dutch striker has seemed a little nearer to Juventus. Another yes that is added to those already pronounced in previous contacts, not yet the definitive (and still there is  Arsenal in the middle), but another small step in a negotiation that, certainly can not be a quick thing. And in which each contribution can be decisive. 
source: Tuttosport (extracted from an article by Guido Vaciago) 
adapted by: Mike Prise