Juventus follows the indications of Massimiliano Allegri and decides not to concede goals. The defense for the second time this season after the game against Lazio not cashing goals and does not suffer even too many conclusions on a insidious field like that of Genoa, after a consuming and difficult game as that of Manchester, moreover, even after losing some pieces like Morata and with a Mario Mandzukic not 100%.

The match against the Griffins is a further indication of the growth of the team, even if the final exam will be in the next two games to which a simple on paper, against Frosinone and an extremely complicated as the one at Napoli which moreover is recovering at great and is also ahead of Juventus in the standings. However, if the Old Lady wants to get back on top has one and only one way forward, that of defensive compactness. If Juventus had not made two crucial mistakes at home against Udinese and Chievo, now we would talk of Juventus with a minimum of eight points in the standings and not with half the points.

The objective of the next races should be this, recover the strength of the defensive department and get back to make it the best in the Serie A. A small objective for a great achievement, with a row of victories and returning in ranking where Juventus deserves to be or in the first places to try to stop an inter that, thanks to the good calendar and a little help from good fortune, looks very launched.

adapted an article from tuttojuve