For sure we need a Killer! A Trezeguet! Who will be the one?

TURIN, March 15, 2012 – Rule number one: buy as soon as possible. The article, for the next shopping of JuventusBeppe Marotta has already shown, Juventus director “Milan has Ibrahimovic, a top player. Those like him make the difference and our goal for the future is to have someone “ Plural, because the goals are twofold: a striker and an winger that jumps the opponent. It start from the bomber and, unless you have unlimited expense fund of Manchester City or Barcelona, you will need to hurry. A champion overturns the camp rules and upsets those of trading. 

The passing of time does not dropping the prices, as the fruit market of Porta Palazzo in Turin, here we deal with jewels: in the best case, the price increases, at worst, when you decided, the competition has already blown you. One might say, like last summer. In the beginning were Aguero and Sanchez, in conclusion, City and Barça, but in reality for the Bianconeri was not just a matter of indecision, but also with money and change in strategy. This time however the plan is drawn, for some time, and without alternatives: assembled a great base in two seasons, we need the soloist. 

After all for one, it’s time for one for all. Wanting to return to the European elite, in front serves a phenomenon that costs so much to buy and pay, as has already been made in budget. Then, of course, as always the deal will have right times, connections, desires and common wishes. The good news, they think for some time inside the house Juventus, and that they should not be too many clubs in the hunt for a striker. One bad news is that among those few there are the usual sheikhs: Manchester City and PSG. The first have already extended the eyes on Robin Van Persie and, according to the tabloids, hands to the checkbook: 11 million pounds a year, about 13 million paycheck for the Dutch of Arsenal, has wrote the “Sunday Mirror”. 

Van Persie is a tremendous finisher, and that would serve to Conte, but some figures not even though to open auction. If, however, there would be an interesting corollary for the BianconeriCarlos Tevez and Edin Dzeko would end up in the window. Affairs equally complicated, though. On Tevez has already written some of preemption AC Milan, while for Dzeko the moment good: seems to have passed Juve negotiated for him two seasons ago, when he was in Wolfsburg. And the recent reports of the observers do not even describe the man to the game of Conte

Topping the list is then Gonzalo Higuain, from time not happy of the use that Jose Mourinho is doing, although yesterday he has been celebrating in the Champions: from 24 appearances in La Liga, only half though has played as the owner, and is getting tired. As for weeks in Spain has spilled his father manager. Deadly in the last thirty meters, understands how to give headache, right and left. Perhaps he is not used to produce goals by himself, such as Aguero, but puts the ball in the goal. We exaggerate, alla Trezeguet: one who around here has done pretty well. 

source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi) 
adapted by: Mike Prise