KRAKOW, June 12, 2012 – After taking off with the Martians, Sunday night in Gdansk against Spain, Sebastian Giovinco has no intention to return to Earth, with all due respect to Parma. “He is ready for the big jump,” confirming those who know him for years and believed in his talent. Destination Juve, in short, which already owns half of his card, or uncharted planets, including inter, and here would be truly Star Wars. The men of Massimo Moratti were the last to be alive for Giovinco and not only to bother Juventus, although now the teasing, or free competition, are countless: from Isla, long-stalked by inter and blown from Juve, to Mattia Destro. 
Now it’s up to Sebastian Giovinco.  Must of course deal with Tommaso Ghirardi, boss of Parma, which owns the other half, and which Sunday he did enjoyed from the Tribune of “PGE Arena.” Andrea D’Amico, awake player’s agent, evaluates different hypotheses, all of high standard, but the articulation will be the agreement, or not, between Parma and Juventus. By June 22, when the ownership must be resolved: the impression is that the two clubs will agree, perhaps as early Thursday, when it is established the first contact, in the league. Otherwise it would go to envelopes, ie those offering more, in the dark: and could lose all. Not to mention the unknown, the evaluation of the European showcase: against Spain, Giovinco filled immediately playing well the minutes had, but seeing the performance Prandelli will give him more. 
For Juve, which currently does not see Giovinco a key piece of the next frame, the ideal would still have control of the player and then decide, if appropriate, the destination: and never would be inter. Obviously this is also of relative bargain, considering that a year ago, half of Giovinco was estimated three million euros. We are now abundantly in double figures. inter, however, they mean it. It would be the answer to the loss of Isla, for the bianconero club. For this, the inter leadership is ready to face Parma, to lay the foundations of the negotiation. 
source: La Stampa (extracted from an article of Massimiliano Nerozzi)
adapted by: Mike Prise