TURIN, October 17, 2012 – There will be Angelo Alessio, then. On the bench against Napoli on Saturday in the game that everyone is waiting for. A game for which organized fans also agreed to suspend the strike that had made such a stir at the home match of the Champions League against Shakhtar: “With Naples truce – wrote a few days ago on her facebook profile Annamaria Licata, historical exponent of Juventus fan -. For the good of the team, for the shirt and the coach: just for them at the time. If we were to ways and to the few responses of counterpart, they would deserve the silence. But we go further. We can understand the common good and the right priorities. “A game that will mark, unless of contraindications of which currently there is no warning, the end of the experience of  Carrera as head coach on the bench: the former Juventus defender – field assistant, as it was presented on the eve of the season, prior to the that on Juve rained with disqualifications for offenses relating to the period in which Conte and Alessio worked for Siena – will return in the shadows. With a balance nothing to laugh: seven wins and three draws, unbeaten and with some controversy assets. With Mazzarri, for example, on the occasion of the Supercup of August. Or with Zeman, too. To the point that it was even intervened John Elkann, at Villar Perosa, to specify that “Carrera has won more in a game that Zeman in his entire career.”

CHANGING – From Saturday, it will change again and it’s up to the soft Angelo Alessio. One who does not raise his voice even under torture. One that has been pulled into the middle of the story match-betting “without ever being heard,” as said the lawyer Chiappero. One who into Juve played for five years, as a midfielder and jolly good for all uses. One who has seen first decrease the disqualification from eight to six months and then from six to four: two days ago ended all and the bench will again be his house. Alessio should also appear at the press conference the day before, on Friday, otherwise it would be half twist, which is also better not be completely excluded given the precedents. Waiting, however, that on the control panel returns Conte in all and for all – but it is not certain that the technical, to an end of disqualification December 9, has so much to speak – ninety minutes of the camp will be run by those who have already piloted Juve last year in the house of Genoa when the Bianconeri, even dominating, did not go beyond the 0-0.

Alessio, will take the place of Conte also against Catania, Bologna, Inter, Pescara, Lazio, Milan and Toro, as well as all the games in Group E of the Champions League.

Source: Corsport (unsigned article)