PALERMO, April 8, 2012 – In the end the recipe was simple: you only had to go back to consistently win. Simple the recipe for the pass completed on Milan this Saturday on Easter, the Juventus Resurrection anticipated at least a few rounds before. First goal of Amauri in violet, but among the most important story of his cross with Juventus, then the aggression continues and eventually rewarded to small Palermo available for the Event. In conjunction with the fall in Milan, perceived by many small signals, starting from crumbling for usury, seasonal consumption, mismanagement of Allegri until the capitulation in the Champions League against Barcelona but already guessed from the awful overcoat remedied on Emitares. 

A-row And then, that’s the pass: four wins and you’re done. Juventus plus 1. With a top player in front this season, would be closed for some time: that the truth of the field, net of all the world’s Muntari. The recipe – as easy it was this good for overtaking, it was enough to win again (and without taking goals, earning a few shots, yesterday only one on goal) – is even trivial now that you’re ahead: to Juventus into the final which leads – starting from Wednesday – to May 13, now just win them all … Recalling the advantage of direct confrontations. 

TURNING POINT For whoever is first is master of his fate and that of others. The beautiful Juve of this spring is fresh, always runs more of the opponent, coming all the way with ever new forces and actors. It does so by force of unshakable certainty, so far, unbeaten that refers to the strength of his defense, now unbeaten for 523′. Now, however, something there in front moves better and more timely: there was the period which we will call Vuciniciano, the reemergence of Del Piero, flashes of Matri as those of yesterday, and the last appearance of an unequivocal striker Quagliarella that was missing from the bitter days of the injury a year and three months ago. It the return to the top of Vidal and Marchisio, the decisive factor. 

ALWAYS IBRA Everything while Milan has always seemed, despite the positive engagement of Muntari and a few flashes of Maxi Lopez, Ibra-dependent. The ease with which often opposing teams, especially those that have little to expect in the standings, will have the inferiority complex (and often a penalty for) in front of the Swedish Gulliver has allowed easy victories. But as soon as the path of Champions has made her hard climb, with the totems from Barcelona to make bogey, and reduce to mush certainties the red and black, along comes the fall. Too many, in truth, the management of key men destitute by Allegri, that in in spite the undoubted technical advantage of initial champion and a used team at the top in challenge with Conte, is situated in losing the climax sprint, Thiago Silva and injured because of hurry, Alexandre Pato, also. In Milan who must chase, they have to look with confidence to the calendar that offers games against teams that have little or nothing to ask, seeing as they are freezing the situation at the bottom of the standings. There is, however, the appointment with M***A at the penultimate round and just like Milan are facing crucial matches against the big: poorly. Never taking off a whim in matches heavier, with the exception of two matches with a Rome that define great this season is quite complex. 

PATH Juventus has a rougher path, starting from Wednesday’s midweek:  but at the Juventus Stadium comes Lazio. In Turin, will also return Rome of Luis Enrique, while the derby with Novara on the synthetic of Piola may come when the struggle to avoid B will already be in Cassation. An effort of memory to remember a championship like that we are living (and with only one penalty!): Obviously, the immediate reference to those deleted by the FIGC Calciopoli (but the problem of Third Star stands at the end of the tunnel the next 7 rounds). But were riding different: here is a game of starts and restarts, but never like this time characterized by a duel between Group Juve and Milan Ibracentrico. Between Gulliver and a patrol of apparent Lilliputians that for now to have the laces around the giant fixed for good. This, Juventus of the overtaking in Palermo, has the wind in its sails, it would be a epic triumph to manage it better for a group of newcomers, like the success that has the new president Agnelli, the neo-guru Conte and a handful of good players with a few – and decisive – winning players, pulling the strings. 

source: Tuttosport (by Alvaro Moretti) 
adapted by: Mike Prise