Italy Soccer Serie A

I want to open a debate with you about the importance of absence (for different reasons) of two VERY important players in the black and white tactical arena .

Especially emphasizing the phase of non possession … taking into account contrasts won, intercepted balls and fouls done …

I “skimmed” the data based only on the formation type (Buffon; Barza, Bonny, Chiello, Licth, Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio, Asa, Vucinic, Giovinco) and I compared ALL the actual minutes of the game …

(data weighed against the actual ninety minutes … games = actual minutes played: 90)

Bonucci contrasts won: 1.06 intercepted balls: 2.19 Total: 3.25 fouls done: 1.5 ratio balls retrieved. / Fouls done: 2.17

Barzagli contrasts won: 1,56 intercepted balls: 2,75 Total: 4,31 fouls done: 1,02 ratio balls retrieved. / Fouls done: 4,24

Pirlo contrasts won: 2,03 intercepted balls: 1,9 total: 3,94 fouls done: 1,27 ratio balls retrieved. / Fouls done: 3,1

Chiellini contrasts won: 2,4 
intercepted balls: 3,28 
total: 5,67 
fouls done: 1,92 
 ratio balls retrieved. / Fouls done: 2,96

Vidal contrasts won: 3,82 intercepted balls: 1,01 total: 4,83 fouls done: 2,52 ratio balls retrieved./fouls done: 1,91

contrasts won: 2,46
intercepted balls: 1,48 
total: 3,94 fouls done: 0,56 
 ratio balls retrieved. / Fouls done: 7

Marchisio contrasts won: 2,46 intercepted balls: 1,44 total: 3,9 fouls done: 1,71 ratio balls retrieved./fouls done: 2,28

Giovinco contrasts won: 1,04 intercepted balls: 0,72 total: 1,76 fouls done: 1,6 ratio balls retrieved./fouls done: 1,1

Vucinic contrasts won: 0,46 intercepted balls: 0,37 total: 0,83 fouls done: 1,66 ratio balls retrieved./fouls done: 0,5

Lichtsteiner contrasts won: 1,01 intercepted balls: 1,01 totale: 2,02 fouls done: 1,01 ratio balls retrieved./fouls done: 2

The absence of the two players creates a “deficit” on the recovered balls by about 10 balls! for a percentage of the total team-formation of nearly 28%

Chiellini all things considered is the player who recovers more balls in team (closely followed by Vidal) Interesting … check out his alter-ego Barzagli. Which recovers an average of 1.3 fewer balls, but recovers the ball committing less fouls than Chiellini …

Asamoah has an impressive ratio of recovered balls (average 4 per game) and fouls (0.56 per game) … In practice, this means making a foul every 7 balls recovered … Proof of which “clean ” manner recovers the ball  …

If we relate the data to his alter-ego on the right Lichtsteiner (just to make a comparison between equal-role albeit with very different characteristics) the numbers are even more impressive. Licht recovers about two balls (compared to 4 of Asa) and the ratio recovered balls / fouls is 2 against 7 of Asamoah …

source:; by: superfabietto