41-42 million the total revenue of the Bianconeri compared to 65.3 of last year

Money At the final whistle of the Istanbul the Stock Exchange title collapsed of  11% compared to the peak of the day, then closing with a 7.48%. From the economic point of view, however, the elimination is not a drain as you might think. In terms of Uefa awards, the damage to the non-achievement of the second round is about 5 million in gradient bonuses (3.5 +0.5 for the draw), the decrease in the market pool (2.5) and taking into account the 2 million at least that will come with the Europa League.

Compared to last year, however, Juve would take less because they are three  the Italian teams and not two to divide TV rights: from 65.3 million total in 2012-13 Juventus moves to 41-42.