TURIN, June 12, 2013 – Let’s put it like this: first the duty, then the pleasure. For “pleasure” we can understand the taste, satisfaction, pleasure to bring new players in the team – obviously – are deemed champions in a position to make a further leap in quality to the squad. New Andrea Pirlo, new Paul Pogba, new Arturo Vidal, new Leonardo Bonucci …

For duty, however, the task of defining the future of a long series of players – as many as 32, in this case – that Juventus owns in partnership with other clubs. Not that it is a regret, for charity, but it is still a task to be solved in a short time because of Thursday, June 20 at 19 will expire the period within which the parties reach an agreement (renewal or redemption that is), in failing which you should go to the envelopes with attached risk of lose talents, or pay more than they should.

That’s why, in short – beyond exceptions, such as just the hot deal Ogbonna – becomes good and right thing to begin to give priority to this type of negotiations. Especially since because there is no shortage of thorny cases and not easy to solve.