Dortmund (Germania) 18/03/2015 - Champions League / Borussia Dortmund - Juventus. In the photo: Juventus joy after the game ©Foto di Image photo agency
Dortmund (Germany) 18/03/2015 – Champions League / Borussia Dortmund – Juventus. In the photo: Juventus joy after the game
©Foto di Image photo agency

It has been almost ten years, but we came back. The journey was long but we came back; Yesterday was like watching the coronation of a king who had been deposed, but now is back and all recognize royalty. We enter the top eight, my friends, is the step that we needed to return to the place that we competed: the elite of world football. All this is not to say that we are the strongest in the world in absolute , however, we can be satisfied, but it means, simply, to belong to that group of teams (eight) that are strongest in Europe and to which all look and think when it comes to finding a point of comparison, a way of being, a way of acting, a winning idea to put into practice. The belong to this exclusive club was established, not only from a formal point of view, but, above all, from a substantive point of view.

From a formal point of view, in fact, we had returned two years earlier when our leader was Antonio Conte, but we arrived there by beating Celtic (little thing from the point of view of the game and its curriculum recently) and then, after all, look at all like the lucky ones who find themselves on a prestige without even knowing why (actually that team knew it, but Antonio has wanted to concentrate on the league). Today, however, we are among the top eight after defeating Borussia Dortmund (needless to review what this team represents) and we stand in a place where everyone expected us, because we had won three league titles in a row, because Vidal was not a meteor, because Pogba was growing by the day, because Tevez is Tevez, because Bonucci and Marchisio are two European “certainties” and because now everyone wondered why a team like this had not arrived earlier to fill the place which it deserved, that all had allocated to us and we had only to take it and so it was.

From a substantive point of view, however, the recognition of our new status comes from the way we played and how we dealt with adversity, which were numerous and many; raise your hand if you would have laughed heartily when in January he had been told you that we were going to Dortmund and we would win three to zero, without Pirlo and Pogba and with a boy striker named Morata and raise your hand, again, who would not have had an illness for what would have laughed if someone had said that in addition to what was said earlier, we also got a goal at home, and yet, we passed the turn. Well, after what has happened, we went to Dortmund and we beat overwhelmingly Borussia, not defending ourselves at the edge of the area for ninety minutes and have three actions, but, rather, by playing our game, defending well and doing turn the ball in a profitable way (see the second goal, with a ball that goes from right to left and then right and then back to the center and Marchisio launches on Tevez who finds himself at the center Morata and Licht on his right). When you win convincing, overcoming adversity and playing without two champions, then it means that the team is not composed of champions, but has a game, his own identity a way of making football against any opponent, in an effective and successful manner. We must improve and we must still complete the team and if we play against the “sacred monsters” we will find out how much we need to improve, but at least we now know that we are on the right track.

Anyone who has seen JUVE play has recognized a strong team, from the top eight in Europe, from the elite of Europe. We were in the dust but we are risen, the circle is now closed and we are back.

adapted an article of Nino Bizzintino