This car is just like Juve, always going 120 Miles/Hour

TURIN, April 6, 2012 – It is now less than two years since May 19, 2010, the day when Andrea Agnelli officially became the 23rd president of Juventus, but it seems passed a lifetime. The company has been profoundly reorganized, the team is back competing at the highest levels, the new stadium is a jewel envied throughout Italy. The work, however, is far from over and the Juventus management has planned their next steps. 

The President. This morning at 9 in Vinovo is scheduled a press conference of Agnelli. The theme could be the absolute defense of Antonio Conte after his indirect involvement in match-fixing because of a text message that Bellavista would have liked to be delivered for eventual information about Siena-Sassuolo. In Juve house there is peace of mind and full confidence in the technical and so it is possible that the president wants to take a public position on trying to avoid also the team can be destabilized in the decisive stage of the season. But we would not be surprised if Agnelli also spoke of another, since rumors of illustrious more than that of the president and the topic could be the new sponsor. There is still no official status, but it seems that Juve is going to close a deal with Chrysler, probably at least two years, for the unique sponsorship of the shirt. In the last two seasons have alternated Betclic (before shirt) and Balocco (reserve shirt), but the company has never hidden its intention to have one rich sponsor who could provide significant revenue in a time of great revival. ‘

Jeep. What Chrysler, of course, is a family brand after the agreement with Fiat in 2009 but this must not suggest that it is a choice of low profile, with no alternatives or not very convenient. Far from it. Recently Juventus have already made ​​a mark on the jersey of Fiat Group (New Holland, from 2007 to 2010) and the choice of “American” shows the desire to go back to being a worldwide team with the assurance that the brand Juve can recover in a short time the prestige of the pre-Calciopoli. Besides, in America the Old Lady is still widely followed and after the summer tour last year is likely a bis in July. It seems that Chrysler may appear on the Bianconere shirts with the Jeep brand, in the great revival thanks to the model (Grand Cherokee) in use for players of Juventus

source: GdS (by Olivero-Mauro) 
adapted by: Mike Prise