Giovinco trequartista behind the two strikers: from the beginning already with Chelsea?

TURIN, November 2, 2012 – The  Juventus experience of Antonio Conte began with the 4-2-4 system of play. Then moved to 3-5-2 but sometimes, in order to win, the technician uses to 3-4-1-2. Has ‘happened in the final game by inserting Giovinco acting as playmaker behind the two strikers. Recall Siena, Copenhagen (partially remedied the initial disadvantage) and the other night with Bologna.

A module -they assure us – which is also tested in practice matches in training and the technician may soon propose from beginning. Maybe in the Champions League match against Chelsea where you have to win at all costs. It may be the surprise move because Di Matteo expects the usual Juve. The fact is that the Italian champions, while trying to hide it, have one more weapon. In fact, to think of it, Giovinco trequartista has many more spaces available and above all does not have a man who marks him.

source: Tuttosport (by Camillo Forte)