Cesena Juventus 442 Juve
Cesena Juventus 442 Juve

In Udine, Juventus has presented itself with a 3 men defense – also given the emergency in midfield -, module considered more defensive by Allegri, but had granted two sensational counterattacks in the first minutes to Udinese and was saved thanks to Buffon and the imprecision of the Friuli attackers. Then has always seemed to control the game, while failing to become dangerous constantly. In Cesena, has played with the basic module, without two charismatic and aggressive players like Tevez and Chiellini. The first twenty minutes were a nightmare: five shots on goal for the players from Romagna, a goal, determinants parades by Buffon. The starts of the last two away games – two games in which Juventus could stretch on Roma – were very bad: positioning errors (at Manuzzi fullbacks too high, at Friuli missed the preventive covers) sensational passes given away in the deployment stage , events sons of a little concentrated and fierce mental approach .

With Cesena the immediate reaction after the goal of momentary Cesena advantage has created an additional mental relaxation. Many have thought, “it was enough to play 10 minutes to overturn the result.” Are born also from this psychological state, the difficulties of the second half. Juventus created few scoring chances, increased the pace with an excess of spins in speed, when it was necessary to handle the ball passing to tire out their opponents, but mostly suffered constantly the Romagna attack. Djuric appeared Ibrahimovic, Defrel a loose cannon: compared to them, the Juventus defenders seemed slow and cumbersome. The Cesena attacked very well the second balls, the banks of Djuric, the rejected balls of Juventus, exploiting the weaknesses of Pirlo. Last year Milan had stumped Juventus exploiting this area to the sides and behind the Juventus midfielder, unresponsive and little dynamic in these situations. Djuric had already hurt Juventus in a friendly (ok, it was July 30, but in this game situation had created problems at this stage of the game) and the danger could have been read. Even during the game, changing its defensive attitude: Allegri has used to pass to a 3 men defense when the team is in trouble and has to defend himself, he had to do it with Cesena with Chiellini replacing Pirlo.

Cesena is a slap that can do well. The same players have spoken of sufficiency, presumption and arrogance: these are the mental vices of Juventus, vices that have tactics repercussions. The difficulties of playing against an aggressive team, which immediately presses the Bianconeri with the ball at their feet immediately projected to the match against BVB, the team that makes the high pressure with a philosophy. Allegri’s team has the solutions to get out of the collective pressure, although some players appear in crisis when pressed. Serves calm and lucidity, the opposite of what we have seen on some occasions, but the downside of Manuzzi comes from the slowness and inability to manage the game: while playing badly, Juventus was ahead, but it was not able to intervene when Cesena was back to take the field, interrupting their momentum. The management of the second half should not be neglected and therefore represents a a critical point equal to the bad approach to the game.

PS The speech on the physical condition must necessarily be resolved by Tuesday 24 …

adapted from an article of Davide Terruzzi @juventibus.com