Progress is evident, and now we expect however as much they worth, the clashes with most difficult objective. The Juve of Conte already shows a great enthusiasm and good knowledge of the game’s most basic patterns of his coach.
Against the Cuneo, beyond the eight goals, the Bianconeri have always shown a more convincing 4-2-4, highlighting the qualities of Matri, Vucinic, Krasic and a midfield that was painted too bad as then expressed.

I refer in particular to Andrea Pirlo, one of the purest talents in world football, one of the few master the secrets of filmmaking in football. Does not waste a ball, skillfully directs every action, both the outputs with the ball from defenders, both attacks, see the valuable time to assist Krasic, then for Vucinic, then for Toni. With Marchisio at his side, and later with Vidal, the central midfielders work the ball beautifully, combining a short game, the tichi-taca that pleases Conte, the long game, with almost perfect long passes from Pirlo to trigger strikers or wingers. In this sense, the transfer of Vucinic is aptly named.

The Montenegrin has class and race to play the first and second striker and, as in the thoughts of the Conte, looking to go wide to gain the numerical superiority, and then point the goal or serve the attacker in the area. Surprising the naturalness with which he first exchanged with Toni creating plays that have ripped sincere applause from the fans in the stands. Vucinic gives the feeling of being able to better integrate with Quagliarella as both with Matri. In addition Conte can always count on a very humble Toni and a Del Piero who certainly will not sustain effort that the grueling pace that his coach asks to the atackers.

To underline the increasingly authoritative evidence of Lichtsteiner (assuming the low level of opponents) and of Pasquato.

About young players Marotta does well to consider together with the coach the situations of Pasquato and Marrone. The first seems completely at ease in the role of Left Winger. Excellent technique, good dribbling and good ball handling, which combines good speed and endurance. Grow him along with Krasic, with Pepe and whoever will be purchased is not really a bad idea. Same goes for Marrone that from Pirlo and with Pirlo can learn the art of filmmaking. Physically, however, seems ready to support a tough league like the Italian one.

The defense recorded another good test: the movements and the ball around work, now we need a more convincing test against good attackers. Bonucci and Barzagli are playing a shirt of starter if nothing happens on the market. The former Bari player launches encouraging signs: the advance is less improvised, burrs decreased. Now the case is to dissolve a doubt once and for all: to bet on these two and give up another transfer, or go straight to the transfer-market?

Three weeks before the start of Serie A, Juve seems to have chosen the right track: Conte at command (just read his rigidity in any training) and the group performs.

adapted by: Mike Prise