Analyzing the Match Reports of the FIGC with Juventus this year is not a sterile exercise.As well as the incredible territorial supremacy granted (5 minutes to few rivals in their own half in the game),and given possession style “Guardiola” With over 61%, a figure that more than all, gives an idea of the impenetrability of this Juve.In the 6 games played, Juve has allowed a paltry of 11 shots on goal (and 36 out) and has tried at least 34 toward the opponent’s goal (and 85 out). 

A emblematic datum given the excellent coverage given by the excellent performance of the Juventus defense and the filter of the midfield made by touches of Pirlo and from Marchisio and Vidal agonism.The comparison with the other BIG makes the idea: Udinese and Napoli have allowed 24 shots on goal, Milan 27 and prescriti 35 (and 70 out).The datum is even more striking if we exclude the match against Bologna (played in 10 to 45 minutes) who have shot 5 times towards the goal of Buffon. This leaves only 6 shots in 5 games with Parma, Siena, Catania, Milan and Chievo. 

 Given the data, even the corners in our favor are more then those granted. First in both charts the Juve of Antonio Conte: 40 kicked in, and only 18 granted. 

 Of course the Salentino coach will have further transform the data into results and quality, attention to defense and free-kicks. It is not possible that Juve received just 3 goals with only 11 shots on goal and has not yet scored from a corner with 40 corners instead kicked the goal from Portanova undergoing in one of 18 granted 

adapted by:Mike Prise