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TURIN, September 12, 2012Juve is golden. Has spent and invested. But came back to win and start a cycle of those who do get high adrenaline the supporters. Since Andrea Agnelli, two years ago, became the club president has turned towards ambitious goals. And now, with the shield prominently displayed on the chest, the team started to future success and its value compared to two years ago, has risen in clout. More than 100% (102% to be exact) and it is not a record close enough. inter and Milan, the other major of the championship (as you can see from the tables) have deteriorated both in economic terms and in terms of performance. 
INVESTMENTS Juventus investments, however, were important. Because need to spend to build great teams. But do not waste: purchasing, in fact, have always been targeted. The focus was, in most cases, of Italian players and the few foreigners who have landed did not cost  a foil and made ​​a difference to become precious jewels courted by top European clubs. For Vidal, just as an example, the Bayern Monaco arrived to offer thirty million as start negotiations. Which means that if Juve did not immediately say no to the initial figure would certainly increased sharply until it reached a stratospheric price. The CEO of Corso Galileo Ferraris, however has blocked at birth any hope of Bayern Monaco. 
THE FIGURES In the first two seasons of Andrea Agnelli president, expenses and revenue, Juventus had a deficit of 120.5 million. But many players have arrived, the movement has revealed continuous and very productive. Not immediately, but, considering that in the first season Juve have won a paltry seventh place. Here we have come to many players, some did not rise to the occasion, but keep in mind that there was to rebuild an organic whole after the seventh place of Ferrara-Zaccheroni. Obvious that the quantity some snag was physiological state. Recall Martinez, Motta, Aquilani, Krasic and Traore. However, many shots. The masterpiece of Beppe Marotta has been completed in the next season: Caceres, Giaccherini, Lichtsteiner and Marrone. But above all, Pirlo, Vidal and Vucinic: players, even champions of the first magnitude, who have made ​​a difference by disintegrating competition. Vucinic was snubbed from Rome, Pirlo taken from Milan and the Chilean everybody liked. The fact is that the Scudetto it came immediately without losing a game, against all odds, erasing a wonderful way after the Calciopoli. Of course we must not forget the work of Antonio Conte: the great masterpiece of the company was to recall to the technical head the former captain of many battles won. 
AND NOW Again this year, compared to inter and Milan, there were strong and targeted investments to make available to Antonio Conte a rose in a position to overcome strongly the trap the double Champions League-championship without losing sight of the Italian Cup. Asamoah and Isla are big guns, the return of Giovinco (although a bit ‘expensive) confirms how strong the youth sector of Juventus. The most beautiful aspect is that the Atomic Ant and Marchisio arrive (even) from the school football while De Ceglie from the youth sector. Champions homemade. Born with bread and Juventus. The three are worth a treasure. The value of the Juventus players, in total, has jumped upwards with a speed outstanding: the current squad of the Italian champions is worth 302 million. 

Source: Tuttosport (article by Camillo Forte)

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