TURIN, September 4, 2013 – First operation: (re) motivate Quagliarella. Who is still here. To be expected because after the departure of the Neapolitan striker Matri has become essential. He could have left if in  the last market day of mercato Gilardino would have arrived But this has not happened and the Bianconeri are keeping  their bomber.

Now he can not wait to be able to play a game. He ‘s always been out to get a few minutes in the final. Too little to show everyone that he is always the one  from a time ago. He is ‘instinctive, when he sees the target look for the conclusion and often achieves impossible goals Without Matri the chance to play are bigger. And now comes the Champions and turn over will become the physiological not to waste too much energy. That’s why Quagliarella can quickly rejoin the group that matters.

Now we just have to recover him psychologically. Conte and managers will have to make him understand that he is important. It will not be an immediate process, considering that until a few hours ago Quagliarella was a player in salable condition, if not to sell. But it is possible. Moreover, the coach is a skilled shrink. He  will reactivate the pride of the player. Life goes on. For Juve and for the striker. The one and the other can achieve many satisfactions. They shake hands, then.