don’t worry I will still be here and score more goals for Juve
He has been asked by Milan after Casano just stopped, now is combined first at Fiorentina and then to Rome and finally to M***A. But Fabio Quagliarella is not on the market, the answer of JUVE is clear, does not allow any replies: “Fabio was and is not for sale”, a message to who was and is still interested. 

Besides, would not make sense to give a player just now recovered, which Conte is using more and more , also considered his tactical flexibility (can do both the first and the second striker, even the outside of attack). 

Despite the arrival of Borriello, then, there won’t be sensational movements in attack : the transferable are Toni, Amauri and Iaquinta. But not Quagliarella

adapted by: Mike Prise