VINOVO (Turin), October 6, 2011 – I wonder what he thinks about. I wonder if Fabio Quagliarella reminded often that a year ago everything was fine: he had already achieved two goals and, after the break in October, things would be even better. Fabio ran and scored, the first or second striker, however, important for Juve of Delneri.But today everything is different, what was white is now black, that he could now does it another. And the worst thing is that there is not a culprit: in this story there is a villain to blame on. You just have to insist, work, work, hoping to turn the page and resume the road, interrupted on that damn Jan. 6, the day of the accident that ended his season and in practice, even that of Juventus. 

The Numbers. The statistics are merciless. So far Quagliarella has played just ten minutes in Catania. For the rest just benches (Siena and Bologna), tribune (Milan) or not called (Parma). The last goal was on December 19, 2010, against Chievo in Verona, just the awaiting game to Juve after the break. The excellent performance of the Bianconeri to Quagliarella is a problem : the team is running, no one can afford to wait him and will be him to join the group and deserve a place in the field. 

Meritocracy. From this point of view, is a guarantee the presence on the bench by Antonio Conte. Within weeks, the coach has shown in deed with facts what he had said: to him trainings are critical, who works well plays, the others watch. No one has a steady place, no one is excluded a priori. And the parable of Leonardo Bonucci, first reserve for four games and then starter against AC Milan, testify that it is really so: the defender has won Conte with the work in Vinovo and who now is playing little or nothing should take a cue from the way Bonucci has earned the consideration of the coach. 

Legs and head. The recovery of the condition after a serious accident such as rupture of the cruciate ligament is complicated. Quagliarella, however, that in the last two weeks has seemed much more lively in training and is always followed by other clubs, will have to ensure Conte that he have found the right leg and had freed the head by two fears: that understood to be particularly injured again and the least understood of internal competition.If Fabio will get back to be Quagliarella, will play. And soon. By the way, if the 4-1-4-1 evolve into a 4-3-3, there would be a place for a winger very offensive and Quagliarella could also apply for the role. But this is just the next step. First Fabio will have to prove to Conte be really back. 

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport 
 by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise