TURIN, 21 September 2012 – It is not a rejection and, on the other hand, can not be a promotion. Knowing Antonio Conte the biggest mistake to commit would be to consider Sebastian Giovinco fallen into disgrace and assuming the role of fixed holder Fabio Quagliarella. Not in the habit of Juventus coach quickly change his mind and, above all on the basis of one or two performance, but there is no doubt that the match at Stamford Bridge eventually affect the current hierarchy in the attack. Too clear the difference in performance and incisiveness on the match of the two attackers. It is too obvious that when called to  express on a stage where the technical skills of the players on the field are leveled up, and the physicality counts, so, a little more, Sebastian Giovinco could almost always disappear. Now, without going into wickedness of the Equipe that has defined as “quite transparent” his performance in London, one can not but note that the Formica of Champions more than Atomic seemed a steam and how much disruptive has been the entry of Quagliarella
MYSTERY In short, as Conte is not one of hasty decisions and as far as the main sponsor of Giovinco to Juventus has certainly appreciate the fact that Quagliarella has been made found more than ready, without having uttered a word for the long period on the sidelines. A small change in hierarchies, then, is to put into account. Even considering the fact that the turnover should throw in everyone, even the thus far mysterious object Bendtner, who continues to train and recover the lost time this summer and, sooner or later, will have to start him, too. 
January Quagliarella, therefore, gains positions primarily within Europe, but it is not to be excluded that it can start holder also against Chievo, considering the fact that, as determinants, in London has played a few minutes. Then we will see, but in the coming races of Champions is more than likely see him in the field alongside the untouchable Vucinic. All this waiting for the arrival of January and – most likely – the big bomber who did not arrive in the summer. Beppe Marotta has been very clear about it and the deal for Fernando Llorente is now in the light of the sun. If Athletic drop to more merciful figures not lose to zero euro the player in summer, in January the Basque could strengthen Juventus, having for other the chance to play the Champions League. But it is not the only striker of January in the focus of Juventus, beyond the opportunity Drogba, there is the possibility Huntelaar (which does not renew with Schalke, but could not play in the Champions League) and the half dream Dzeko. A striker, on the other hand, would be very useful in this Juventus. Unless Quagliarella does not continue to … be ready. 

 Source: Tuttosport (article by Guido Vaciago)

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