TURIN – For the second time, since the eve of the match against Milan, the alarm sounds around the figure of Andrea Pirlo, and, of course, we suffer palpitations. The Juventus midfielder, or rather, the beacon of the Juventus game, made ​​in the core of Conte‘s architecture , yesterday morning left the training camp in Vinovo. Since the session was behind closed doors, such as the one today, the news about his health have been chased, fragmentary and sometimes contradictory, for most of the day. The latter, however, were marked by optimism after in the first day unofficial grapevine reported a muscular problem and related diagnostic tests scheduled for today. In reality the situation is different. Pirlo was stopping for pain related to a blow to the knee and is expected today in the field without even having to use ultrasound or whatever. 

PAZIENZA IS WARMING UP So much more rosy situation that Antonio Conte hopes to see and verify for himself without any nasty surprises. Missing Pirlo would penalize geometries of Juventus game . No coincidence that the former Milan midfielder is the regista of the National Team. In any case it is taken early warning for Michele Pazienza. So far, patient and diligent in the role of gentle and careful bench player. In training doesn’t give one meter and in the few minutes that he played in games almost completed, has shown to have implemented the directions of the technician. Former Naples has committed to memory the “manual of good midfielder” drawn up by the coach of Juventus. He is lowering to the defense for being found unmarked and receive the ball from defenders. Then, if there is no opening in the forward gets ball back again, taking care to remain a useful terminal for teammates. As for the push, as you see above: low pass to strikers and moving to meet to help if they need to redownload the ball. And that, if the Pirlo situation were complicated , the work to be performed by Pazienza. Very difficult to try to overturn with launches with more than twenty meters, always pretty indigestible to Conte unless they are precise and perfect spins as those who start from the remotely feet of the former Rossoneri . 

UNEXPECTED SITUATIONS Today, in mid-afternoon, when the finishing touch will be done, Antonio Conte will have a better idea of how to deploy Juventus against Lazio well organized by the excellent Edy Reja. Being able to reproduce at the Olimpico the same eleven that is allowing Juventus to race with two thousand per hour, as claimed by Juventus coach , would be an added value but the great teams that link to key objectives need to be able to face and overcome these unexpected situations. 

 source: tuttosport.comadapted by: Mike Prise