Juventus is looking for a player indicated by Massimiliano Allegri that has to be good in the one on one, good as a playmaker but also capable to play as a winger.

Juventus, then would have knocked at Chelsea, not for Salah who in Turin is considered good but are not interested, but rather in Cuadrado, who is liked for a while, which in Turin is considered functional to the project and especially at the tactical level could be the real alternative to Lichtsteiner in right lane, but also the player that plays in front of or beside in the 4-4-2 or 4-3-1-2.

A useful pawn, mobile who in London didn’t find the luck he sought for and who definitely misses Italy. Juventus would be ready to welcome him, but at an affordable cost, preferably in loan and with a lower transfer fee. In Juve house they think at Cuadrado and it would be nice to see in that case Antonio Conte’s face who has chased and wanted him for a long time without ever having him.