It will be the end of an era, because the Nike signature on Juventus  jerseys COME from the 2003-04 season, but those of the next season (2014-15) might be the last with the famous whisker. Currently, the  Juventus company perceives € 14.5 million per season from the so-called technical sponsor pursuant to a contract that puts in the hands of Nike also the marketing merchandising. The negotiations for the renewal of the contract, due to expire in June of 2015, do not seem to find an  favorable outcome: on one side Juventus would like to increase the figure, on the other the Americans seem to be oriented to focus their resources in the Italian league over Roma , as well as Inter.

In short comes out a air of divorce and Juventus are looking around. Among the companies that seem to have a good chance to dress the Bianconeri in the coming seasons is the German company Adidas, which in Italy is the technical sponsor of AC Milan. The company of the three bands seems to be that which above all it is closer to the demands of the Bianconeri which start from a request of about twenty million euro per year. But if the separation from Nike now seems obvious, the marriage with Adidas is only one hypothesis. Producing the shirts Juventus is, in fact, an opportunity that is tempting to many brands. Of course, if Adidas were dull, it would be a small revolution for the style of the shirts. All their jerseys, in fact, have the traditional three stripes on the shoulders (between the big clubs linked to the German company Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool and Bayern Munchen), a solution that – somehow – would change significantly the conception of Juventus shirts.