Max, GoodBye! I am leaving to my Best Friend, Pirlo who has a great time at Juve!

MILAN, March 30, 2012 – Getting Nesta is hard, very hard. He tried, without success, Marcello Lippi who wanted to bring him to the World Cup in South Africa. “Ale, we make the defense to 3, you play with Cannavaro, think about it.” Nesta had already said farewell to the National a few years before, and politely said no to world champion coach. Instead Pirlo, his friend Pirlo, seems about to succeed: Alessandro Nesta could end his career at his side to Juventus at the end of next season. The idea is for some time ago, but in recent days has taken form. Before it becomes reality, however, it must overcome two obstacles. The first is Milan, the second is … Nesta

THE EXPERIENCE Last Wednesday the former Laziale has played a better game in front of Messi and Sanchez despite the two-month absence. A game of head, heart and even legs. One could fear a failure on the physical plane, just because his last game was the 1st February, however, while he remained in the field (30 ‘of the second half) has not missed a action, although at his side there was not Thiago Silva, but Mexes. Not for the different values ​​between the two (which still exists, although the Frenchman has played well on a good level against Barcelona), but only because the agreement can not be the same. Nesta has played with experience of who knows well certain games, who knows how to handle them, an experience that might come in handy again for Milan next season. Won’t miss, from the Via Turati club, a good financial offer to confirm the thirty-six defender (he celebrated his birthday on last March 19 ) for the next year, seen the performance of Pirlo at Juventus (left free by Milan), they should try to retain Nesta

Physical Problems Then is necessary to work (and that’s what is doing with success the Juventus regista) on the head of Nesta, between an affliction and the other (the last is the neck pain) who was getting the idea to end the career at the end of season. “Nesta has had a back problem that with football centers little,” said Ibrahimovic last Tuesday in front of the cameras to Milan Channel, as he spoke of the strange injuries of Milanello. Is not the type to drag the fields of province while tearing up a gig. He announced his farewell from the National Team on 1 August 2007, nearly five years ago, when his body began to send signals he is no longer able to play three games per week, nor to keep a fast pace, even if for the truth at the beginning of the season from the first 16 games has skipped only three. 

FOR THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE This is the favorable condition which will provide Juventus to the defender: he will be able to manage his physical and athletic resources without any pressure, may determine when is ready to Conte and when he is able to give a hand to a team that will be coming back in the Champions League after some time. Nesta can become the player you need for Champions League to the next Juventus, the first reserve of the couple Barzagli-Chiellini or maybe formed with Barzagli the pair of central defenders to redirect Chiellini on the left wing. It would be a smart purchase, obviously at 0 euro because he has the expiring contract, like that of Pirlo last summer. Nesta, as showed just against Messi, still has a lot to give to Italian football at high levels. Without being squeezed (but also Allegri has never forced to play), can improve with the experience a defense already strong as that of Juventus

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Alberto Polverosi) 
by: Mike Prise