TURIN, October 15, 2012 – At the Stadium will parade nearly 500 million euro. A monstrous figure for Italian football and more humane for the sheikhs, that it only takes one / two sessions of the market to invest so much in their clubs. Juventus-Napoli is the game that is worth the title (as explained in the standings), but first of all is the big match which Shake the best of our ball. The best players, the best company policies, the best coaches.

THE FIGURES Edinson Cavani is the symbol of Naples, technical and economical. Prince finalizer of the team of Walter Mazzarri, but mostly emblem of the blue ambitions. For him (and to a lesser extent for Hamsik) president Aurelio De Laurentiis has decided to take an exception to the rule. Guaranteeing a salary to star (4.5 million euro) has failed to pay those roofs often bandied about as a sign of diversity and vision, but at the same time has proven to aim for a winning Naples. He could collect 40 million from Chelsea and City and at least 52 by Zenit: nothing to do, was held his protégé (and would also of Conte …) and has raised the bar of the objectives. Similar argument made in Turin, when the Bayern Monaco was presented with a check for  60 million for the coupled Marchisio-Vidal.

No, thank you, the response of Andrea Agnelli and Giuseppe Marotta, eager to take Juventus back on top of Europe. Desire that are chasing in balance between the needs of the field and those budgets. The more you win the more you earn is the programmatic manifesto in Corso Galileo Ferraris. High salaries but not loud (especially when compared with European competition) combined with a significant variable percentage, linked to results. Philosophy shared by De Laurentiis, who in a few years has brought the Naples at the top, limiting follies. The blue rose has a technical and economic potential not as rich as Juventus (they dance around 60 million euro), but can boast a sum of salary against the lowest (44, 6 million to Juventus; 25.4 blue one). Important Scissors, however, destined to dwindle. Because Juventus while sparing no investment is reviewing certain engagements heritage of the past (see Buffon, ready to move from 6 to 4 million with the renewal of the contract) while Napoli very slowly (see Cavani and Hamsik) is climbing the buttons on the belt.

Fonte: Tuttosport (articolo a firma di Cornacchia-Riva)

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