Juventus and Napoli have met four times in the last twelve months. Two wins for Juventus, a draw and a win for Napoli.

By analyzing the statistical data, however, we find much more, from the 3-3 on 29 November. Then Juventus held the ball more 59 to 41%, shooting one more time of the opponents and with a greater territorial supremacy: 10’30 against 6’45 “. The dangerousness was higher for Juventus 72.8% against 61.7%, and so the corners, 5-2.

Data still in favor of Juventus, but less pronounced in the ball possession but more of the conclusions in Juventus-Napoli: 3-0 of 1 April 2012. Juventus had more possession 52% to 48, took fewer Corners 3 vs. 6, The shots, however, were embarrassingly in favor of Juventus, 25 to 7 for Juventus with 9 to zero on the goal. Supremacy of 12 ‘versus 10’ of Naples and dangerousness of 83% versus 22%.

To view this data we would have to be optimistic, but things get worse in the challenge of the Italian Cup, the final won 2-0 by the men of Mazzarri. In that case the Juventus had more ball possession, 56 to 44%, but with a lower dangerousness 37% vs. 44%. The shots and corners all in favor for Juventus for only 10 to 9 and territorial supremacy still for Juve: 9’14 “against 7 ’09”.

Finally, the Super Cup in Beijing: the game which from Naples indicate as a great “injustice”. Here, too, the data smile for the Bianconeri in an embarrassing 68% ball possession compared to 32%, 20 shots total against 12 of Naples, 7 corners to 5. Approximately 19′ of territorial supremacy over 6’16 ” of Naples and a dangerousness of 70.3% compared to 38.9% of Partenopei.

So, Juventus, the next Saturday, on October 20, will attempt to make her own the match with the ball possession and the game. What should avoid are the counterattacks because in three games in four has suffered counterattacks from Cavani and Co. Last year in the away game and in the Italian Cup final Lavezzi was decisive, Conte must find a way to repeat the game on April 1, that is the one and only way to beat Napoli, not to reason with them and not make them go into the spaces. 

 source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

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