TURIN, October 19, 2012 – Buffon yes or Buffon no? Vucinic yes or Vucinic no? The two days before Juventus-Napoli is not the best at Juventus. The goalkeeper and the striker remain  in doubt, although yesterday the company’s website said that  “after 11 days, that is the end of the race won in Siena, Antonio Conte and his staff have embraced all the Bianconeri left for the Nationals. With this group back to full in Vinovo, continued with a morning session the preparation for the big match on Saturday against Napoli. “ That’s it: no other specific and then you just have to go to Draughts and feelings in one way or another.

So: Buffon, still suffering from a muscular pain in his left thigh, yesterday did not obviously forced and today will try to work with greater intensity. He wants to do everything possible to take the field, the medical staff is a bit ‘more cautious and, in short, there is going to relive the same day before the Italy-Denmark: a decision will be taken only in the hours leading up to the match against Napoli , with Gigi towards the forfeit and with Storari already more than in the pre-alarm. Said that the presence in goal of the number 30 leaves Conte still calm, who is attentive to the statistics have already noticed that in the last two occasions when it was the turn of Storari to defend the goal for Juventus against the troops of Mazzarri, the result is always been in favor of the latter: 3-0 for the Neapolitan January 9, 2011 in the league, 2-0 on May 20 in the Italian Cup.

ATTACK – There, in front, of course, other questions. And not just. Vucinic – who Conte believes untouchable or nearly so, as a top player himself – is still weakened by the flu. He could not make it, in fact. And on the bench, maybe ready to give everything for twenty-five minutes. Who in his place, then? Quite a dilemma, because the same partner of Montenegro was far already identified as Giovinco has not returned from the national with morale to a thousand, but only with his ankle a little ‘bruised.

Is then almost to imagine the two in the field who are better off in terms of physical condition: Quagliarella and Matri, remained in Turin during the break and with zero mishaps behind. This is not however a pair for which Conte dotes: in this season the two have played together only at the end of the match in Udine, which was already largely decided, and it would be strange that were to be entrusted to them the responsibility for the attack in a ‘so important opportunity. Even in this case, will be decisive the workout of today. Possible QuagliarellaGiovinco tandem.

Source: Corsport (article by Antonio Barilla)