Are you angry for the first defeat after an unbeaten season in the last game of the year? 
“Yes, because it must never please you to lose, especially a final. We must be angry because this game we must grow and make understand that we must always go to 2000. Today Naples may have been hungrier than us, the year remains extraordinary and I will not blame anything to these guys. But today Napoli was hungrier. ” 
There was a lack of the usual of fluid movement, the two weeks of uninterrupted celebrations had an impact in your opinion on the physical aspect? 
“This is a young group flourished from two sevenths places, we won the championship in an extraordinary way and we must keep in mind the way we did to win it, or using malice and motivation. We had people not in great condition, especially Vidal and Lichtsteiner and Chiellini was injured. Regrettable lose like this. ” 
The extension of your contract according to Marotta is now a formality and remains a priority for society. So what you had described a dream will be reality soon … 
“Well I’m glad of that, tonight … moderately (Ed laughs.)”.
adapted by: Mike Prise