TURIN, October 4, 2012 – Theo Walcott and Nani are virtually on sale. January sales (an English tradition, on the other hand) that may represent large market opportunities to fulfill two dreams of Antonio Conte, with a big discount. Although, in these cases, the price for what reduced remains high for the market standards of Bianconeri. Given that at the end for Walcott must pull out € 15 million and a similar amount must be pulled out to take Nani. Sums that Juventus would have available, but that could bust the budget. 
SHORT IRONS Nani was even taken out of team by Ferguson is unable to agree with the Portuguese, whose contract expires in 2014. Too high the demand of almost five million euro per season from the player, and then Sir Alex froze the deal and taken out Nani. The tension, then, is rising and, at this point, the United manager would find not outrageous giving up the Portuguese (which is  no longer a holder). Of course, he is not willing to give him away and does not seem willing to the hypothesis of a loan. But it’s only October, in January could change something. 
EXPIRING Walcott is in a situation even more acute, because his contract expires after this season. This means that from 1 February can find a team. The negotiations with Arsenal seems stuck and he was able to declare: “It is not a question of money I am not that kind of player, if that were the case I’d be gone this summer when I had the chance to leave London. You should ask the manager why I did not sign the renewal: I always wanted to play for Arsenal. “ Wenger has shown with Van Persie to be able to monetize well players with expiring contracts, but he certainly has to handle another complicated situation. 

SOURCE: tuttosport.com

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