TURIN, June 3, 2012 – For the Dutch star, the technical and economic aspects, are added those of familiar, with Lady Van Persie who to leave the house in Chelsea (enemy territory, oh well) and move into the gray and rainy Manchester has no desire . While in Turin, in the short blitz dating three weeks ago, has remedied a favorable impression. On that occasion was precisely the (young) lady to push the top scorer Premier League to take a flight for a brief appearance in the city, causing some fear of diplomatic incidents in Juve, that put at the disposal a driver but has not accompanied and let him patrolling on his own. Indeed, the family Van Persie and the manager Kees Vos were held away from headquarters of Corso Galileo Ferraris,  visiting  instead the Juventus Stadium, downtown and the hill in which reside most of the Juventus players. 
According to what emerged in the days following the visit, Bouchra Van Persie has expressed well with the spouse: “I’d rather stay in London, but I may be fine in Turin. In Manchester no.” Putting the Dutch striker faced with the dilemma: dress up black and white jersey, or that of City? In the second case with the task of having to transform into a luxury commuter, with Mrs. Bouchra and small Shaqueel and Dina Layla waiting for him in London after each game. This situation is certainly manageable, but not quite perfect even in the face of a multi-millionaire engagement. 
source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato) 
adapted by: Mike Prise