Desenzano del Garda (Brescia) – Is Antonio Conte the juventino of Beppe Marotta’s second year. “He is on his way to becoming a great coach,” said Juventus general manager, believes that ” behind the team’s happy moment there is above all the great work of Conte, who has brought a winning mentality and organization of play.” This Christmas will be the last of Del Piero and Juventus, but Marotta prefer not to come back and instead emphasizes the importance of Quagliarella, who returned to scoring yesterday after a year. “Conte has always acted with the utmost fairness to the players on the pitch by sending the most prepared and suitable to the situation. Quagliarella – noted – was recovering from a serious injury and we are happy he has found just the goal in our stadium.” 

UDINE NOT DECISIVE – Before the winter break the Bianconeri will be committed against Udinese, “playing an important but not decisive game for the outcome of the championship,” explained Marotta that in the coming weeks will be busy on the front of the market. 

NO TEVEZ – “We have no special needs, but you must evaluate what the market offers and are ready to take the opportunity to give more quality to the group. However – he added – we are not interested in Tevez and if he will arrive in Italy will not be to Juventus “. Finally Marotta has not ruled definitively M***A in the Scudetto race. “The statistics of the previous championships say that the bigs can recover quickly. Anything is possible – he concluded – because there are so many points available.” 

TRANSFER-MARKET – We start to talk about a possible interest in Borriello, leaving Rome: “We are attentive to what the market can offer but we must emphasize the merits of this team, on the work of Conte and those players who are ranked first in league. We try to win by keeping the accounts in place. ” 

CACERES – “Caceres is a important player that is doing well and that is followed by many. His redemption at that time was 12 million , a difficult task and then the player had physical problems. He’s an interesting player, but there are also economic evaluations to be done. ” 

THE BETS CASE – “We must eradicate the illicit consumed with great ease by the insiders.” Thus, the general manager of Juventus said the latest development on BETS investigation, stressing that “there aren’t those targeted checks that serve .” “Today I felt great sorrow – said Marotta-unfortunately this news reminds us of the early eighties, are facts that are not good for football.” 

TABLE OF PEACE – The peace table convened in Rome did not give the results that CONI president Gianni Petrucci was expected, but Juventus appears increasingly determined to defend its case. This was confirmed tonight by the Assembly of the League with the prom, Giuseppe Marotta, general manager of Juventus. “We now look forward with confidence – he said – Juve wants only seek the truth, that is, eliminate the wrongs.” The street search for a resolution to write an end to Calciopoli was then stopped? “For us on the one hand there is a great willingness for dialogue, the other a large firm in seeing our rights recognized.” 

adapted by: Mike Prise