TURIN, June 21, 2012 – ON THE DEFENSE Up to this point we are to attackers chapter. Well in defense, however, it is possible that the leaders in Corso Galileo Ferraris go fishing of unexpected wildcard. 

Instead of – but it could also be with – the usual suspects Bruno Alves, or Bocchetti or Peluso … Much, much attention to Martin Olsson, 24 year old Swedish in force at Blackburn, the British ask about 6-8 million euros, but woe to ignore the competition from other important European clubs (eg Chelsea). 

More low cost options, always for the defense and left wing, are the Polish Sebastian Boenisch (25 years, Werder Bremen) and Danish Simon Busk Poulsen (27 years, Az Alkmaar). 

 source: Tuttosport (by Lovato-Riva) adapted by: Mike Prise