Dreaming of the top players. Beppe Marotta, to Sky Sport 24, after Juventus’s  friendly discussed the market Juventus. Starting from roles to be identified: “We have been given to Conte a good organic, responding to his instructions. We are happy and so is the coach. It ‘clear that the market closes on August 31 and there may be opportunities to seize. Surely, there will be no utopian purchases seen the moment of Italian football. But with the work culture we can overcome this shortcoming. Ziegler? In Turkey has done well, now Conte has a chance to evaluate him.” 
Then, we pass to talk about Jovetic: “He ‘s a great player but is of Fiorentina for Juventus I can say that fully embraces the profile we’re looking for age, technicalquality. Falls in the range of objectives that Juventus stands, but then from here to say that we conclude it goes much, because Fiorentina has the right to keep him. With Conte, we analyzed early in the season and everything is what appealed to us. Top player? There is an abuse of this term, as Conte said can be also Vidal or Pirlo parameter to zero. Regarding Destro, we’re in a market where Italian companies are in austerity. So interesting young men like Destro or Verratti deserve the first picture in the newspapers, but you have to go calm. Loading of responsibility these kids is risky, you must be cautious in the evaluations because they have minimal experience. ” 


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