TURIN – The outraged fans of Athletic Bilbao, who yesterday posted to the training ground the banner “Out with the mercenaries” to challenge Fernando Llorente and Javi Martinez will be satisfied. The defensive midfielder will go to Bayern in the next few days, the striker to Juve. Doubts there are no more also about the future of Llorente, but on the timing of his move from Bilbao to Turin. 
BLACK ON WHITEJuve has in fact reached an agreement with the “Lion King” in Pamplona, assisted by his brother Chus and the lawyer Madrilenian Julio Senn who acted as mediator between the parties. As always in these cases there will be no official confirmation, at most some unconvinced denial, but nothing changes in substance. At this point in Corso Galileo Ferraris are not afraid of an insertion of Arsenal and feel cautioned enough to ward off the blow of a possible entrance of another English club of first magnitude. Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici have won this game, remains to be seen, of course, how long will be. 
THE RULES OF THE GAME – The situation that preceded the agreement (and for the moment it goes) is known. Llorente is bound to Athletic by a contract until June 2013 and has rejected all proposals for renewal of President Josu Urrutia. Which in front of the position taken by his attacker, a few days ago he put it bluntly: “Either someone comes up with the 36 million clause, or Llorente will remain here.” A position justified by the regulations, but unrealistic. Because the contractual situation reduces the market value of his attacker. If Arsene Wenger has managed to keep the price so high for Robin Van Persie (the United had to pay 31 million euros), which was in the same situation Llorente, is due to the war which broke out between the two Manchester clubs to take the Dutch, but such a astral situation does not occur often. In short, Van Persie is a world apart, while  Llorente respects the classical canons, with the price determined not by words, but by the length of contract and those already established for the future, regardless of what think the proud Basque leaders. 


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