I have to say it’s nice to play in Soap Operas but …. Com’mon already!

TURIN, January 25, 2012 – Last mile. Overtaking Caceres. Of momentum. “Today we decide, we can say at the moment 60% of the Uruguayan, 40% Guarin,” they say from Corso Galileo Ferraris. But the percentage is certainly generous for the Colombian. Agreement reached wirh Seville, but did nothing to Oporto, where now only a phone call between Marotta and Pinto da Costa could revive the negotiations. A contact expected in last night, at the latest this morning very early. If that fails, it is likely that Caceres already reaches this afternoon for the medicals in Turin. Pay the work of Fonseca and Bozzo, a duo particularly reactive in this negotiation. Why was not already closed yesterday? Because Guarin has always been the first choice of Juventus, who with the Colombian would amke a “hit of top” at quite good price. Agnelli and Marotta want then wait a few more hours, in the hope that the situation with Pinto da Costa breakouts, although objectively is now rather difficult to envisage something different. 

Fax to Fax. Intense day yesterday. Been positive signals from Seville, with Fonseca and Bozzo who in the early afternoon spoke of white smoke after meeting with President Jose Maria del Nido: expensive loan 1.5 million euros and transfer set at 8 million, in two-year payment . All happening right during the hours when Marcelo Ferreyra and Fredy Guarin crossed the door of Pinto da Costa, powerful chairman of Porto. The 25 year-old Colombian midfielder left the summit after a few minutes: the time to say goodbye to Pinto da Costa and to reaffirm his desire to move to Turin. Then, on the river at the meeting: accelerator, brake, more the second then the first . And then, around 20, from Corso Galileo Ferraris filtered a first screening, in fact, “Caceres sixty percent, forty Guarin.” Today, the end of the soap opera. Possibly for Guarin they will discuss again in June. 

 source: GdS; by: Mirko Graziano 
adapted by: Mike Prise