Money Money
Money Money

A study published by the Italian Stock Exchange expects growth in turnover and the balance sheet profit in 2017

TURIN – Here come the money! Not yet at the level of Real and Barcelona, ​​but Juventus for the next three years will make a significant leap forward in terms of sales, reaching 340 million, but especially from 2017 could record a balance sheet profit of about 6 million, which will become 12 the following year. It says a study of Twice Research published by the website of the Italian Stock Exchange. The document is intended for investors who wish to consider the purchase of shares of the club and provides, therefore, a fair economic expansion of Juventus.

SPONSOR – There are obviously the new (and more profitable) contracts with Adidas and Jeep to drive up the forecasts of revenues, but the Twice Research also believes in a greater weight of merchandising (which after the Nike era will be back in Juventus hands ) a more intense exploitation of the brand, even with the use of new media and social networks. “The results will depend on the ability of Juventus to make the most of the brand and its fans,” the document reads. In other words: the 14 million of black and white fans (only in Italy) represent a potential still largely unexpressed.

THE RISKS – Curiously (or maybe not …) between the risks associated with the performance of Juventus, besides the fact that the sport results(unpredictable) may affect negatively or positively on the income statement, there are “League and the Football Federation decisions ” on the subject of sports politics. In other words: to act in the scenario of Italian football is a potential obstacle to the development of the club (theme, more beloved to the same Andrea Agnelli).

adapted by Mike an article @tuttosport