MILANO, October 10, 2011 – How to make points without the strikers. The tongue is copyrighted by Antonio Conte is getting what from Juventus what any of his predecessors has managed over the wretched years of two sevenths places (2009-2010, 2010-2011): withstand the lack of strikers, out for injury and / or incapacity. Madame is leading the league with nine goals (such as Palermo, Naples and Genoa, in front the Novara with 10). Of the nine goals, three are of Marchisio, bomber to surprise, the others Lichtsteiner, Pepe, Vidal, Krasic, Vucinic and Matri. In the last two championships Juve paid the very fact of finding herself, at some point, blunt without strikers. Especially in January, the most critical months. As if the attackers were subjected to the rigors of winter. 

In 2010, the club with no money, no ideas, came to hire Michele Paolucci to deploy him as a starter (who collected a total of four appearances) in only one game (Chievo-Juventus 1-0, 17 January). In January 2011, after a serious injury of Fabio Quagliarella,and Del Piero the only one able and enlisted, the investment has been solid first: Luca Toni (rarely seen) and then Alessandro Matri (9 goals, despite the problems of the team ). 

 In summer, the absurd length of the market has favored the formation of an endless list of strikers that Juve would follow. At the end came “only” Mirko Vucinic. Rightly so. Because the club failed to get rid of or Amauri, nor Iaquinta, nor Toni, that is 10 million (4 +3 +3) in wages, which eats up a lot more about the corporate coffers. Of the three, Amauri, after the grotesque refusal to move, he trains at Vinovo but there is no team (the number 11 has been removed and now has 38). His contract expires in June 2012. Iaquinta (Juventus risk of having to hold him up to 2013) is eternally injured. Toni (2012) is the only one who is in the group, but, like others, has never played. Quagliarella (2014) has collected a 9 minute (against Catania). In practice, the Juventus attack is reduced to three players. Vucinic (2015), Conte’s favorite, because the functional of the game, Matri (2015) and Alex Del Piero (2012). 

 None of the three has ever finished a game: Vucinic, 4 appearances, 223 ‘; Matri, 5 appearances 252’, Del Piero, 4 appearances, 144 ‘. Conte does not like formulas, but the two strikers(Del Piero and Matri) from the onset with Parma was passed to a striker(Vucinic) with Milan. And this striker is not a classic center forward, rather a movement forward , good at dribbling and encourage entries from the midfielders (see Marchisio), but also the defenders (Lichtsteiner). The Juventus coach likes to change the strikers, always. He did well at Siena. As if the end of the game were not theirs. The sense of Conte’s philosophy is to get to win without having to depend on the talent of a player or his stunts (such as free-kicks of Del Piero in 2008-2009), but by the team. 

 Juve are on the right road, though, has barely begun. 

 source: Il Corriere della Sera 
 by: Roberto Perrone 
 adapted by: Mike Prise