Could this be the Team in the Partita Scudetto?
February 20, 2012 – Closer to the San Siro with two days off is a sign of great serenity with which Juve prepares to face the Scudetto-match. Here is the first difference that you must keep in mind: for Milan wining the championship is a requirement, for Juve is a dream. And this consideration makes it much lighter the mood of the Bianconeri. After the victory against Catania, Giorgio Chiellini has summed up the situation: “For us the championship is not a goal, but it remains a dream. And even if we win at San Siro for us would continue the tests “ That said, does not escape anyone that the third win of the season against Milan would put Juve in a position to share at least the prediction given that the Bianconeri will have two more points and a game to recover, in addition to the advantage of direct confrontation that would ensure a virtual point more to-manage. Even a draw would not be despised for Juve: Milan would be ahead by a point, but Bianconeri could then decrease the joker of the recovery against Bologna without forgetting the usual discourse of direct confrontation that if arrive at absolute equal would reward Conte thanks to 2-0 of the first leg. 

The confirmation of the module. But these are calculations that will be made ​​calmly, starting from 22.30 on Saturday. Before the match will be played and Juventus is preparing to do with the module that is becoming routine: the 3-5-2. This season, AC Milan and Juventus have already competed three times in the Berlusconi Trophy won by the Rossoneri 2-1 (long ago it was said that the cup would bring bad luck to those who got it), in the league and Italy Cup have celebrated the Bianconeri respectively 2-0 and 2-1 (away). And these three games Juve has played with three different modules: the 4-2-4 in the summer, in October 4-1-4-1, 3-5-2 few days ago. The 4-2-4 was the module of the first seasonal project , the 4-1-4-1 was the formula of passage which then resulted in the 4-3-3, the 3-5-2 is finally the solution adopted in some circumstances in the first half of the season and then became the usual module of this phase of the season. 

Insertions. And on Saturday evening Conte will play the 3-5-2. As regards for the interpreters doubts are two: the outside left midfielder and striker. In the end the runoff appears to be restricted to Pepe and Estigarribia (though not underestimate the good De Ceglie of this period), while forwards are contending Matri and Borriello for the jersey holder. Conte would prefer a striker physically strong to raise the team and encourage entries from behind, decisive in the championship (two from Marchisio) both in Italy Cup (twice Caceres). They can change men, but not the setting: aggressiveness and desire to control the game. Although the Scudetto is a dream, not an obligation. 

source: GdS by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise