CHATILLON, July 19, 2012 – The price is not right, says Beppe Marotta: “Juve have 30 million for Jovetic? Good question – explains the Juventus D.G – and everyone is free to determine the price he wants. But thirty million are intractable, even if we never entablature a deal with Fiorentina.” Not yet, we say. Off limits for now, as Van Persie: “He’s a dream of the fans? You have to have dreams and ambitions, then we must also reckon with the reality of the facts. We know what we have to do, which is the most important thing. “ 
The plan would take one of two, but before the top players will take the top sales, from Felipe Melo to Krasic. We salute you. Some useful penny can come from other sales, such as Pazienza (from yesterdayin withdrawal, but likes to Fiorentina), Ziegler (Valencia and Benfica) and Gabriel Appelt (Anderlecht and Zaragoza). For the rest, the budget that is given to Bianconeri for shopping allows to dream, because in addition to mere income statement, revenue and expenses, the life of a football club depends on depreciation and upstream wages, two parameters that Juve recently has kept well under control. It will therefore be a matter of time, as the same Marotta warned two days ago. 
With calm, someone will come. Subjects to find a suitable destination for Melo and Krasic, two sales from which Juve wishes to quarry between 15 and 20 million euros. Then it can allocate the money to buy. Due to the demand of departure, including the purchase price and wage, both Jovetic as Van Persie, much will depend on the willingness of the players. 

 source: La Stampa (by Massimiliano Nerozzi)

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