Here I am Juve!
TURIN, March 5, 2012 – For several weeks the men of Juve market and their observers have invaded the Premier League. It’s a top player hunt, the big striker, the “killer” that lacks both the Conte in this race for championship. In particular, under X-ray is Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, 25 year old Uruguayan national of Liverpool. The greatness of the player is not in question or under observation, but it is possible that Conte claims a full dossier, both tactical and behavioral, of the various big in view of Corso Galileo Ferraris. And Suarez lately has had some difficulty in England at the disciplinary level, see the big ban followed the unacceptable insults directed to Evra and the handshake refused to the French on 11 February at Old Trafford. Difficulties that in a sense help Juve in the hunt for a superstar otherwise unsellable. In fact, in Premier has unleashed a campaign of some weight against Uruguayan. Among the most stringent Alex Ferguson, who after the last cross Suarez-Evra did not mince his words: “Suarez is a shame for Liverpool. He should not be allowed to play again with the shirt of the Reds . ” 

Numbers and alternatives. Said that a false step in life should be allowed to all, Juve looks carefully the decisions of Liverpool, and in the meantime does not want to be caught unprepared, however, aware that the player would not be undersold. Therefore, careful checks, three hundred and sixty degrees, before placing the economic offensive, which could take the top player for 35 million euros, plus a five-year contract of 7-8 million per season, more or less than the amount offered to Sergio Aguero. On the same level of Suarez, Juve puts Robin van Persie, born in 1983, but much will depend on the renewal or less with the Arsenal: The Dutchman’s contract expires in 2013. Also in England, and Marotta and Paratici also follow with interest the future plans of Manchester City, which in June could sell a couple of strikers-top: Tevez and Dzeko above all. These are the “English” names entered in competition with various Higuain, Benzema and Damiao, players for which Juve has already more or less officially moved. 

source: GdS (extracted from an article ofMirko Graziano) 
adapted by: Mike Prise