Those images are less then 1 Month old! This team has done Miracles! Do not ever forget that!
VINOVO (Torino), March 6, 2012 – Accustomed to a football that clears quickly the recent past and entrusts all his judgments only to the present, we run the risk of forgetting an absolute truth. Last summer, all the fans of Juventus, without exception, would have signed to find themselves in the following situation: second in the standings at three points behind Milan with one game to recover, three points clear of third, the semifinal of Italian Cup in his pocket and unbeaten season which is equivalent to a European record shared only with Dinamo Kiev. Honored as Juve have done so far, it is inevitable to investigate the recent problems that have generated four draws in five matches and sow doubts in the way of the Bianconeri. Basically this is also a tribute to the work of Antonio Conte, because if the appetite comes with eating the Juventus fans were really hungry and now back, though aware of the technical gap against AC Milan, would fill their bellies. Thus was born a few ungenerous whistles and especially the desire to understand whether the Juventus gear can restart from tomorrow in Bologna. Let’s find out through five topical applications. 

Juve appears in athletic decline : how can they find the best condition? 
Always go to a hundred per hour would be necessary for a team like Juve, but it is humanly impossible. The decline is therefore physiological. The athletic staff was author of a masterpiece in the first half of the season and now is studying the best solutions to restore brilliance to tired players. Take the case of Vidal: exploiting the disqualification, the Chilean has done an important athletic work whose beneficial effects should be seen already in Bologna. The turnover will be an important weapon for someone to take a breath and even the normalization of the calendar will help to relieve the legs of the Bianconeri. Built to play one game per week, Juventus was found because of delays due to snow and Cup of Italy to fill her weeks. But after Bologna on Wednesday games will be very few and work in Vinovo will benefit, as well as the condition of the team. 

Purchases of January can provide something extra? 
So far has been used more the little advertised: Padoin remained in field 218′ against 297′ Borriello but has split his minutes in six appearances against the three (all as holder) for Padoin. Only little for Caceres (112 ‘in three games), who will have more space because can play different roles in defense. Borriello may also be valuable: after a hard athletic work (which had missed in Rome) is near the top and ready to make an important contribution. 

The return to a module of reference could help the team? 
The flexibility is always an advantage, never a fault. And the season of Juventus confirms it. But the return to a 4-3-3 formation, with the psychological and physical recovery of some players understandably tired, could revive a squad appeared not only tired but also strangely confused and fearful. The 3-5-2 is a good alternative, but less effective at this time. 

Attackers played almost all but score not much: is right to switch between them or rather make final decisions? 
In the attack of Juventus there are four excellent players and Del Piero. Now that Ale is concluding a fantastic career lacks the champion to win a game by himself. Conte can not help but be based on what he sees in training as well as numbers (Matri scored 10 goals). There are no magic formulas, bad need that Vucinic does the Vucinic, Quagliarella does the Quagliarella and Borriello does the Borriello. It would be enough. 

What should Juve do to make the scudetto dream believable? 
Quite simply, has to start winning. There are no other medicines. Said that the championship was not the goal at beginning of the season, it is clear that to hit at least the minimum goal (qualifying for the Champions) is better bet for the maximum. And in football, things change quickly: sufficient a unexpected goal, a win maybe suffered. To Milan has happened in Udine. To Juve may happen tomorrow in Bologna. 

source: GdS (by G.B. Olivero)
adapted by: Mike Prise