After initial hesitations, Juventus seems to be back overbearing on Giovinco, 25 year oldmidfielder who the Bianconeri hold jointly owned with Parma. The player is a bullet of Antonio Conte, who considers him an integral part of Juve, and Marotta will try to please the technician, trying every way to prevent the envelopes, which certainly represent a risk to the club. 
Parma, which wants to renew the joint ownership of the player for another season, Giovinco evaluates at least 30 million euros, a figure deemed excessive by Juve, who would be unwilling to spend 15 million to redeem the card of the boy, but would be more inclined to “soften” the resistance of the Emilian entering into negotiations some technical counterparts, as Giandonato and Iaquinta. 
The way for the return of Giovinco at Juventus, this time with a starring role, is not then closed, and in the coming days, the Bianconeri could get to find agreement with Parma, putting an end to the Inter pressing for the player, that would have already come forward with the Dukes offer of payment and 3 players, among which the names of Faraoni, pleasing to the technician of Parma, Donadoni, and Jonathan, who has already played in Emilia last season with good results. 
adapted by: Mike Prise