1) THE MENTALITY ‘- Putting the game for the whole match 

 At any time during the game Juve must impose her game. Against Parma at 86 ‘ at 4 0 Conte claimed the pressure on opponents and the research of the fifth goal : respect for the public and also to send a message to his players. Never should be satisfied, you can always do better.

 2) Self-esteem – Win to regain confidence 

 With the application, determination, attention, the desire to win can raise the bar of their own limits and seasonal objectives. Winning helps you win, so you have to do it as often as possible. Juve must regain confidence in herself and strike fear in opponents with her attitude and her game. 

 3) THE GROUP – The selfish are destined to disappear 

 The coaches and players go, Juventus remains. So only Juve counts. The personal satisfaction must come through the group ones. When you score a goal or when you win, you party all together. When you lose smiles are not allowed. We use the ‘we’, not the “I”. And the selfish are destined to disappear. 

4) OLD – Del Piero and Buffon are an example 

 Alessandro Del Piero and Gigi Buffon should guide the players in the locker room and on the field: with the facts, even more than with words. With the example in Vinovo, even more than with spells in the game. They are the disciples, are perfectly familiar with the ideas of Conte and should forward them to players and highlight the concept of Juventus. 

 5) WORK – Do not mess around in training 

 Football is passion, but for Conte is also and above all work. In training, you do not mess around, the fun comes when you apply well the ideas of play. The training is carried out in a manic, no breath, the maximum concentration must be the first to the last minute. About doesn’t do it, does not play. 

 6) THE TACTICS – Everyone knows what to do 

 The imagination is a beautiful thing, but only in the last 15 20 meters. Before it’s all organized, almost mechanized, committed to the memory. From the full right-back to the left winger, each player knows what to do in any situation, in ball possession and not ball possession phase of the game. You can not improvise. 

7) THE GENIUS – Pirlo is the only can break from the pack 

 The only one who can (but not too much) get out of the choir is Andrea Pirlo: so superior in vision of the game and to pure technique to represent an added value for 4 2 4 of Conte. Some thought that Pirlo would struggle to get in to the technician tactics: the opposite has happened, there was immediate feeling. 

 8) THE HUNGER – For many players is the moment of truth 

 Conte has specifically wanted players with the greatest motivation. Apart from their technical values ​​for Vucinic, Lichtsteiner, Elja, Giaccherini, Estigarribia, Pazienza, and even for some elements already in team is the moment of truth: either win now and get big or you do not have another chance. 

 9) THE STADIUM- must become a living hell 

 Only to look at it was enough to understand that it would be a great advantage. Conte has quickly caught the importance of the new stadium and forwarded to the team: “Make them understand that playing here is hell.” And after the game has sent the team under the curve: the concept of the twelfth man has never been so little rhetorical. 

 10) BALANCE – Eye to the weight, who steps out is out 

 Conte claims attention from the team at the table: that is why some weekly meals are consumed in Vinovo. The proof in the scales is worth as the ability to cross or the accuracy in the area: those who are overweight, even slightly, does not play. The rule applies to everyone and no one doubts that it is enforced. 

 source : La Gazzetta dello Sport
 by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise