TURIN, July 24, 2012Eleven purchases this summer, including Bouy bought in January (and the market is not over, it will reach others). A park players over thirty boys born between 1990 and 1996, among which are some of the most brilliant Italian promises, many of whom play in the national category and for which Juventus has invested and is investing a substantial portion of the budget. Juventus, in practice, shes buying her future, building it brick by brick with names that, at this moment, do not say much to the fans, but within a few years could make dominant the position of the Bianconeri
ALL CALCULATED Giuseppe Marotta, managing director of Juventus, explains: “This strategy is part of our sustainable development model that takes into account the need to excel on a sporting level, but also not to shoot over the plan of the sales. We believe very much in the young that we took and that we control. We know that not everyone, perhaps, becomes the champion able to play in Juventus’s first team, but in any case it’s the profile that, however, will represent resources within the football market, perhaps as a technical counterparts. And the youth project for us is not just a technical issue or market one, but a project that we take care in every detail the Juventus College who will be born in Vinovo and will represent a real school for boys in youth is another aspect of our commitment to young people. ” 
THE PLAN So, Juventus is raking the best youth of Europe, organizes to raise it from every point of view and is prepared to keep the best (“In this moment in first team there are only Marchisio, De Ceglie and Giovinco coming through the youth : too few, should be more in the future will be more than the domestic products “, said Marotta) and manage others in the market to buy the top player. 
FOOTSTEPS For example, Luca Marrone is following the road that have traveled before him Marchisio, Giovinco and De Ceglie. Juve fan since childhood, and for this he chose Juventus and not the Toro when both knocked to the recruitment, arrived among the great making all the youth. Ciro Ferrara has made ​​his debut in Serie A at 19, then one season – 2010-11 – on loan at Siena to cut his teeth. Here encountered Antonio Conte the life changer: the coach appreciates and brings him back to Turin, where he has no intention to deprive him. Were not lacking offers so much as this last summer, but for now the midfielder will not move. And after a year of apprenticeship might have more of an chance to find space as Vice-Pirlo seen the dual commitment Serie A-Champions. 
THE DILEMMA They breathe the black and white air recently, but Alberto Masi and Nicola Leali seem fell perfectly into the new reality, already and earn the applause and the roar of the fans. First the defender, second the goalkeeper, are the best youth and Juventus did not think too much to stop them. For Leali has spent 3.8 million substantial sum for a 19 year old, but given the label of heir of Gigi Buffon is money well spent. If anything, the question of Conte is whether or not to sell him: the coach is evaluating the best solution for the boy, though to make him grow by training along with the number 1 in the world or send him to play elsewhere. Same goes for Masi: bought jointly with Pro Vercelli, the defender would have to return after the withdrawal of Chatillon with whites, but Conte kept him for now until the Super Cup saw the injury of Caceres, but could also extend his stay in Turin because he was impressed by the personality and technique. 
TORN FROM MILAN Juventus to 360 degrees: takes Italian talents, but does not miss even the foreign ones. Like Ouasim Bouy, class of 1993, midfielder arrived in January from Ajax on a free transfer as he was out of contract. The boy was chased by the big half of Europe, seemed on the verge of joining AC Milan instead Marotta was able to blow to his friend Braida through the work of Mino Raiola, the Dutch agent. 
IN ORBIT But we must not look only in Juventus home because the young are many in Juventus orbit. One above all, Ciro Immobile (co-owned with Genoa) who, having won the title of top scorer in the B and have brought the Pescara in Serie A, has a great opportunity to demonstrate his qualities also in Serie A and convince Juventus to return to Turin. The future has been planted, now you just have to wait for it to grow. 

 source: Tuttosport (by Vaciago-Salvetti)

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