Turin, June 16, 2012 With the first shots of the market have already started the moves for next season even if, on the front of the summer season, Juventus is trying to make a sudden stop. The Club has in fact sent an official letter asking for a cancellation of the tour in North America where the Bianconeri would have been engaged in World Football Challenge with challenges to DC United, Real Madrid and PSG. This is to prevent the team to travel around the world to on August 5, the Bianconeri would have been starting from Las Vegas to get to Beijing where will play the Italian Super Cup against Napoli. Between commitments, agreements signed, imposition of fees and renounces to $1.5 million gain, Juventus is considering how to stop the gap of the tour. The simplest solution would be to continue for a few days on withdrawal in Chatillon, where at first the team would remain from 11-12 to 24 July. “No problem – ensures the mayor, Henry Braid – we await only the Varese in August, but the facilities would be able to accommodate both teams.” 

THE DATES Meanwhile, are unofficial some dates of summer friendlies: July 21 in Bari should play for the Trofeo Tim with the first Scudetto clashes between Juventus, inter and Milan Sunday, August 19 would be scheduled for the classic Berlusconi at the San Siro. To place the match in the family Villar Perosa and the two days of Chiusa Pesio. But if Juventus is not in North America, can rest assured that the friendly offers abound, the Bianconeri are the most popular from Germany and Spain: everyone wants to confront with the Champions of Italy. 
source: Tuttosport (by Marina Salvetti) 
adapted by: Mike Prise