TURIN, August 17, 2011 – The bad impression left after the friendly against Real Betis must not overshadow the great work done by Antonio Conte and his staff in forty days of preparation. In summer, the ups and downs are natural in training, especially if the pace is high and the legs are always packed. In the dressing room it should be noted that for years the players have not worked so hard and fans can hope that the fruits will be seen in the Serie A.

Clean sheets. In the long path of reconstruction after the disaster of the last two seasons, Conte has first tried to give an identity and a balance to the team that believes in the 4-2-4 and the sacrifice that requires a module so offensive. The good news of the last games is the seal of the defense department: no goals in four friendlies played with Club America, Chivas, Cuneo and Betis.

It’s true that there have been some episodes in favor (a post of Chivas, a Barzagli rescue from the line and a miracle of Storari against Real Betis), but considering the difference of preparation than opponents have been run, it is comforting the growth of the defensive department .
Last Saturday, the numerical superiority in midfield and the best physical condition allowed Betis to control the game for a long time, but Juventus has never crashed while staggering. A good sign especially in terms of character, as Conte is trying to restore confidence to a team weakened by too many defeats.

Towards Bari. Yesterday the coach kept the team for most of the day in Vinovo: workout in the morning (mostly tactical), lunch together, workout in the afternoon (mostly athletic). They worked separately Quagliarella (whose recovery from the operation continues slowly), Chiellini (only one hit), Toni, Pepe and Martinez.
Today two more workouts and then the road towards Bari for the Tim Trophy scheduled for tomorrow: a test certainly important to test the growth of the new Juve.

source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise